I love to race with Xlotcars. I have two models until now.

The Porsche was the first model, which was giving some problems. I faced some problems with the snare, but I was able to solve that difficulty. Racing is fun with the Porsche and for that reason I bought the Ferrari.
The Ferrari fun car to drive as well. As it is a kit I did not find the time (you need at least 90 minutes to complete it) to fix the car. Last weekend I found finaly the time to do so. Still the Ferrari is not running well as it swings around the track. Probably I did not align the chassis properly.

I am very content with the models of Xlot (Xlotcars) but there are a few critical remarks (questions) to make.

1. Why is the motor so magnetic (If you put the motor at the highest position it reduces the downforce)?
2. Why is the metal so soft? It is not as hard as the Plafit chassis.
3. Why is the standard gear made of plastic? It is quite difficult to put it in place.

I do not think that the models of Xlot are to expensive as it is in the price range of other 1/24 and 1/28 scale brands.

I am looking forward to the next model of Xlot, the BMW M3.

What is your opinion? What do you think about Xlot?

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