Circuit Pleasuredome 4

This is a part of a series of articles about the home racing track Pleasuredome. Welcome to the Pleasuredome!

Pleasuredome was ready for Ninco again
After a period of two years of racing on the Scalextric Sport track the time had come to change the layout of the Pleasuredome circuit. The Catalan brand Ninco has been chosen for its rough surface. The layout is prepared to match with the digital future of slot car racing.

Although Scalextric Sport proved to be a solid, flat and smooth track, the racers of Pleasuredome prefer the rough surface of the Ninco track. Most of the cars that run on the track are from this brand and the cars without magnet (mostly prepared models of at that time) get more traction at Ninco track pieces.

The track layout was finished before the release of the digital equipment of Ninco, but the track was prepared to be transformed into a digital racetrack. The layout was designed in order to include cross-sections.

Pleasuredome 4 layout
You need both inspiration and creativity to design an original track layout.

The starting-point of the new Pleasuredome track is a three-cornered surface. If the table is created for a triangle-shaped circuit the drivers and the marshals do not hamper each other.

As the available space was not limited too much it was possible to create a big table. The table stands in the middle of the room. Drivers and spectators are able to have a view on the track from all sides.

Although the room for the racetrack is big, the track length has been limited to 13,5 meters. A modest distance, but long enough to enjoy slot racing at its utmost.

V-shaped design
More track distance does not necessarily mean more pleasure!

The three-cornered table makes it possible to create two long straight sections (two times six track pieces). The straight sections are connected by a 30 degrees turn. In this way a v-shaped design is developed.

The second straight section is followed by a very fast turn towards the inner sections of the track. The inner part of the circuit is divided into three sections: the “esses”, a sharp bend and a short straight section with an outer turn. The “esses” are a combination of three kinds of track pieces. The sharp bend is an all time favorite of the track designer. This 180 degrees turn is built with two inner sections and two standard curves. After this hairpin a short straight track with two outer turns brings the racer to the last turn of the track.

After the constructing a solid table it was time to test the designed layout.

It is very important to check if the designed track gives all the pleasure you may expect. This track was improved during the test period by reordering the track pieces of the “esses” in order to create a more interesting race line.

The layout was cut out of wood (Mdf) in a way that a flat table surface was created. The track pieces were removed and it was time to start painting. Most of the real circuits have white lines at both sides of the track. For that reason all borders (at turns and straight sections) were painted white. The combination red and white is used for the kerbstones. Some parts of the track where the car slides are painted black. The spots where “grass litter” is used were painted green before adding the litter.

The guardrails of Scalextric are used because of the most realistic look. Joiners glue was used to fix the guardrails. Many billboards were put at the track in order to get that special racy atmosphere.

Timing by DS Racing
DS-Racing equipment was used for timing and the controllers of Parma gave speed to the cars.

The trackside tire-walls (“Safety protection”) of SCX are very high. For that reason the tire-wall were cut in two pieces. An accidental benefit is more length of tire-walls. Each piece of the tire-walls was fixed with three screws. Three walls of wood were placed at the circuit to prevent de-slotted cars to come at the wrong side of the track.

Unfortunately the track was dismantled due to an international removal.

Racing is over on this track, but the memories are still there.

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