Collecting Slot Cars, Equipment and Documentation

Not all slot car enthusiasts buy the models for racing. Many people collect the highly detailed slot cars to show them as die-cast models. Others have a passion for printed material about slot car racing.

Soon after you made a start with the slot car hobby you could become totally addicted. In the beginning you try to get all the items, but later on you discover that you need to make some choices. You will soon notice that you need to keep the expenditure within bounds.

In early days it was only possible to extend the collection by buying slot cars and items on fairs and shows or at club meetings of collectors. Through the Internet it is possible to get almost everything. Sooner or later you will find that particular item on e-bay or other sites. It is easy to get a model from the other side of the world. That is the reason why a collector today reaches his goals within a relatively short period of time.

Slot cars
It is wonderful to build a collection of slot cars, but be aware that the supply of models is enormous. Dozens of manufacturers offer all kinds of cars in different price categories. To keep the expenditure within bounds you will need to make up your mind. What manufacturer or type of car you do like the most? Are you a Scalextric devotee or do you love the red cars from Italy? Are you attracted by the colors of a sponsor or are you a fan of formula-one racing? Do you want to collect the cars from a certain period like the sixties or do you like a particular driver? Do you know an interesting theme?

Recreate the atmosphere of Le Mans or Monaco
It is also an option to recreate the atmosphere of Le Mans or Monaco. Maybe you prefer to make a detailed copy of a circuit in your country. For these options you search for cars which are characteristic for the chosen circuit. A scenery rally track can be the base for a nice collection of rally cars.

Special editions
Most slot car manufacturers offer special editions. Fly seems to be the ultimate collector’s dream. This manufacturer offers many cars in special boxes. These limited numbered models are very expensive and are released at great pace. Not that expensive but attractive are the special models of the Rally of Catalunya and the classic cars of Ninco.

There is no need to collect all the models of a slot car brand, because if you like you can limit your collection to an average of the line of models. If you choose for this way of collecting it is maybe possible to safe some money for documentation about that brand.

It is a real challenge to find all the models of a manufacturer that has stopped the production of slot cars, like Märklin or Fleischmann. It has the advantage that you are sure that the number of models is limited.

All manufacturers supply brochures and catalogues of their products. A collection of catalogues gives a nice overview of the history of a manufacturer.

Today’s magazines like Masslot, Model Car Magazine and Car-On-Line, are also interesting items to collect. Old (like Model Cars and Model Maker) and new magazines give an overwhelming amount of information about the hobby. If you like to read about slot cars it is possible to collect about eighty slot car books. If you do not want them all it could be interesting to collect books about a period of time or manufacturers.

Many books about model road racing are published in the sixties and seventies. During the eighties, at the plummet of popularity, the publishers were not so keen on publishing books about slot cars. At the end of the nineties, at the start of the revival of model car racing, it became attractive to publish again. The books about Scalextric and the publications of Robert Schleicher are good examples of recent publications.

If you want to do more than racing and if you like to know a little more about your hobby it is absolutely wise to build up a collection. But a serious warning is needed, because collecting slot cars is just a leisure activity: be sure that your aim is not bigger than your budget!

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