Driving lessons

Become a great slot car driver. SlotcarAcademy.com drops some hints and clues to find your way to the winner’s circle.

Practicing makes perfect
How can you become a great driver? There is only one way to achieve this goal: practicing makes perfect! SlotcarAcademy.com drops some hints and clues to find your way to the winner’s circle.

Lesson 1: Stay on the track
Many races have been decided after the first corner because of a crash. So be careful. You do not win the race at the first three laps. Try to be concentrated from the beginning of the race.

Stay on the track.

Every time your slot car de-slots you lose distance to your opponent. Do not take too many risks, but do not drive too slow either.

Lesson 2: Follow your own strategy
Follow your own strategy. Concentrate on your own race. Try to find a nice rhythm. Let the other racer make mistakes. Do not listen to the people if they are talking about you, your car or the race.

Some people try to put you under great emotional pressure. Stay cool.

Lesson3: Step on the gas
Make use of the straight sections by accelerating on these parts of the track. Too many beginners do not have the guts to step on the gas. If you throttle back on time you stay on the track and you will record fast lap times.

Lesson 4: Kick your opponent out of the race
It is allowed to kick your opponent out of the race. If you are in the inner track it is possible to slide your car towards the car of your competitor. The other slot car will de-slot after a hit of you. SlotcarAcademy.com has noticed that many people lose the game because they try too hard to kick-out the other racer. This car hitting is very tempting for beginners but it is better to concentrate on your own race.

Lesson 5: Stay cool
It is not easy to stay cool if you are the leader in the race. The person who is behind succeeds better to drive faster and faster, but will become reckless if he comes close to the leader. Slot car racing is a psychological activity. The racer with the best nerves and the best tactics and technique will become the champion.

Start training, so that you can become the best among your friends!

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