DS Racing Lap Counter

The DS-Racing Lap Counter DS is probably one of the best of its kind. It is a very reliable Lap Counter.

Besides the DS-Racing computer you need an adapter (a power supply of 10-12 Volts AC/DC with 1 amp. minimum capacity is required) and sensors. DS Racing offers “infrared bridges” for almost all track manufacturers. It is also possible to connect a “dead strip”. All items are sold separately.

General Features
DS Racing Lap Counter and bridge;
13 different race programs, 4 displays per lane;
Easy and quick reading of laps and time with only one key stroke;
Specific race Program for Rally-slot and Dragster Racing;
Time Programming: maximum 10 hours (less 10 seconds), minimum 10 seconds;
Lap Programming: Maximum 9999 laps, minimum 1 lap;
Programming minimum time gap between 2 laps (to test motors, calculate top speeds, checking section time) also used to avoid double counting. DS Racing Lap Counter and bridge;
Memorizes a program until new change (keeps the program in memory even during power off)
Timing in 1/10000 of seconds;
Flashing light on wining lane;
Fastest laps during the race flashes;
Beep signals at start, last lap, end of race, pause and fastest lap;
Shows 3 fastest laps per lane during the race or at the end of the race.
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Stop & Go Box

DS Racing Lap Counter and bridge
The Stop & Go Box gives power to the track at the beginning of the race and cuts the power off at the end. This device is optional. You can do without. Whether or not you connect the Stop & Go Box to the DS lap counter you can choose a free start (with power on track before the green light is on) or standard start (no power on the track until the green light switches on).

The options can be selected on any race program. If a driver jumps the start he will lose one complete lap as a penalty.

The advantage of using this box is that the cars will always stop at the end of the race. In this way it is possible not only to count the number of laps but also the number of track pieces.

The DS lap counter enables you to connect the Lap Counter to any PC through a COM port (an RS-232C port).

Pros and Cons
DS Racing Lap Counter and bridge The DS-Racing Lap Counter is a very good and reliable product. All features are functioning perfectly. The infrared sensors register the cars of all manufacturers. There were no failures during the intensive tests. The only minor issue is the sound of the beep, but you can switch that off.

If you are looking for a lap counter the DS Racing counter could be a serious option, because it offers what a serious racer needs.

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