Let’s go racing!

Racing is fun, especially if you can share the pleasure with your friends. SlotcarAcademy.com explains in this article how races are organized at the Pleasuredome circuit.

Prepare your slot car
The winner always seems to be the drivers who start with their cars in perfect condition.

These drivers check if the front wheels rotate perfectly and that the tires and rims are rounded. They also investigate if brushes are cleaned and pinion and gear are lightly oiled. Because racing at Pleasuredome is done with cars from my collection, I always carefully prepare the cars the night before “the day at the races”.

Most important for competitions is an excellent selection of racecars
For each type of race I arrange a few pair of cars. For GT races I use for example the NSR Moslers, Slot.it Porsches or older models of Ninco. For the DTM races I select SCX or Ninco models. The Raid models of Ninco have shown to be popular race-class too.

If racers come with their own models you should follow some basic rules to get fair races. At Pleasuredome we prefer to race with similar cars. For example, all racers have anglewinder Moslers of NSR or Slot.it Porsches.

It’s your turn: racing or marshalling
The ideal number of people for home racing is four. Two people race and the two others take car that de-slotted cars return to the race. A schedule decides who races and who takes care of the de-slotted cars.

The cars are fixed to the lanes. The contenders will race in both lanes against the other participants by following a schedule. Most races take fifty laps. A sprint race over ten laps is also very exciting.

Lap counter
A good and reliable timing device is the most important tool for model racing.

It is worthwhile to invest in a good counting device. It is very frustrating if you have to argue about the number of laps that are driven or timing that is not done. For more than three years I use the timing device of DS Racing. The system is very reliable and is suitable to the tracks of all brands.

Hopefully you are inspired by this article to organize race nights at your track.

Racing is fun, especially if you can share the pleasure with your friends.

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