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Sound material about slot car racing is not new. An analogue 33 1/3 rpm mono sound recording was released in 1965. The record was called “The Go Sound of the Slots” (Burbank, Calif., Reprise).

If you are interested in slot car curiosities than you can buy now two records: “The Exiting Sound of Model Road Racing” of The Phantom Surfers and “Slot Car Slut” of Kaleidoscope.

The Phantom Surfers – The Exiting Sound of Model Road Racing The Exiting Sound of Model Road Racing Hobby Hut Raceways and Lookout Records proudly present “The Exciting Sound of Model Road Racing” by the Phantom Surfers. This record is the only one with music that is filed under “Slot Cars”. This is the music for the incredible underground subculture of the slot car racer according to the band.

Recorded by race friends
In 1997 a group of race friends have recorded the sound of slot car racing. The music can be described as typical west-coast music. There are no real lyrics. The spoken words are inarticulate.

Some of the words are: “Welcome to the exciting world of slot car racing. The Sounds. The feel. The drama. Slot car racers want their own sound. The west-coast sound. When the Christmas tree turns green…Go Go Go…”

The names of some titles are Everybody Up, Death of a Rookie, Slotter on 10th Avenue, Crossover Tragedy, A Slot Car Named Desire, Turn Marshal and Final Lap.

If you listen to this record you will wonder which equipment was used, because the quality of the sound is very poor.

Kaleidoscope – Slot Car Slut
The Australian rock group Kaleidoscope has recorded in 2000 a short play album called “Slot Car Slut”. The title song is about a girl with a fetish for hanging out at the slot car track with the boys.

A female vocal sings the words “She’s a pretty little fashion trap / Funky shoe with a broken strap / Hanging out with the guys down at the track / It’s something that she can’t explain / Little men in cars driving her insane / … / Breathing heavy / Got your trigger finger ready / Breathing heavy / Get your slot car ready /But you don’t know what you’ve lost / And when she races to the top / You know her engines running hot / She is a slot car slut”.

Kaleidoscope is a pretty good rock group
Kaleidoscope is a pretty good rock group with strong guitar chords and powerful drumming. The song Slot Car Slut is also available on the newest album (“Deli Girl”) of the band. For more information and a track demo you can check out the web-site of Kaleidoscope,

The Revells – The go sound of the slots
Compact disc with music about little cars: After the story about the Slot Car Slut and The Exciting Sound of Model Road Racing, presents another compact disc with music about little cars: The Revells with the Go sound of the Slots.

The Go sound of the Slots
The Revells featured on the 33 rpm album “The Go sound of the Slots”. In fact, this was the third album of The Hondells, known from the typical Californian sound. The original album has been released in 1965 to celebrate “America’s newest addiction, slot car racing”. It is obvious that the Revell Model Company is behind this marketing product.

Recorders before Christmas 1964
The album “The Go sound of the Slots” was recorded at Western Recorders before Christmas 1964. Jimmy Bowen produced the album under license from Warner Bros. Records. Gary Usher was the session leader. The musicians were: Dick Burns (bass), Randy Thomas (keyboards), Jerry LeMire (guitar), Joe Kelly (percussion), Glenn Campbell (guitar), Richi Podolor (guitar), Bill Cooper (guitar), Tommy Tedesco (guitar), Richie Frost (drums), Chuck Girard (keyboards) and Hal Blaine (drums). No singles were called from this album, although The Revells got airplay in the summer of 1965.

Tracklist: Lotus 23, Fastest Little Racer, My Ferrari GTO, Wait Till Next Time, Slot City, My Little Slot Coupe, Cobra, My Baby Digs Slot Car Races, Little Stockers, The Restless Rookie.

This title is still available on CD. The bonus tracks on the cd are: School Is A/Gas and Hon-da Beach.

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