Slot cars Not for sale!

In catalogues of manufacturers you notice from time to time models which are not produced. There are a few possible reasons for the withdrawals.

The manufacturer can change its strategy in which the particular model does not fit in the line of products. It is also possible that the Company is facing technical problems with the production of a model. Furthermore it happens frequently that the manufacturer is not permitted to release a model because of difficulties with the license. brings you a few examples of slot cars that are not for sale.

1964 was the year of the monster mania in the United States. Television programs as The Addams Family and The Munsters inspired Aurora. The Company launched Universal Movie Monster figure kits. Three of the drivers were Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolf Man. These kits were produced and sold, but the announced Monstermobiles did never reach the slot car shops. The Monstermobiles were based on the hybrid hot rod of Aurora.

Sometimes rumors are spread about a certain rare model. Some people are searching for a black model of the Opel Captain made by Faller AMS. The story about this model goes around for many years but the German manufacturer never produced this model. An unknown person is creating this fake model in the style, but not with the quality of Faller. It is known that some models of Faller are falsified. Of course, these models are wonderful items for collectors, but it is a shame that these models are sold to unknown customers who do not recognize a real model of a fake one.

Carrera showed in the 1969/1970 catalogue a white Porsche 908 with race number 56 and in the catalogues of 1977 and 1978 a red Opel Manta in a rally set-up. Both cars did not get in production. Carrera announced the 1/60-scale slot cars in the catalogue of 1976/77. Carrera was forced to show the 1/32-scale model due to the fact that the smaller models were not ready yet. The BMW 3.0 that was a popular 1/32-scale model did not get a tiny brother. Carrera produced the BMW 635 CSi instead of the three-liter car.

Ninco has produced a Minardi Formula-One model (two liveries: #20 ref. 50199 and #21 ref. 50200) that is not for sale yet. Ninco produced an Arrows F1 (two liveries: #14 ref. 50211 and #15 ref. 50212) in the same period as the Minardi Telefonica model. Both models are showed in the catalogue of the year 2000. It is obvious that the cause of the problem is a difficulty with the license agreement. The Minardi is not released yet but the Arrows models are released in 2003. Ninco has faced more problems with licenses. Two cars were withdrawn just a few weeks after the release of the models. The McLaren GTR F1 “Harrods”, the Formula-One model of the Sauber and the DTM Opel of Ninco have become collectors’ items. A second livery (a yellow version) of the DTM model was announced but never released.

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