A Day at the Races: Slot Car Superstar

A Day at the Races is a really interesting book about slot car racing, setting up slot car clubs, slot car set-up, gear ratios, racing categories, 1/32 scale figures and how to regulate racing.

Personal view of the author
The stories describe the personal experience and perspective of the author Carlo Tonalezzi. The book includes a series of interviews with the most influential people in the slot car industry. The fact that this book is written from a personal view and experience makes it special. Most publications about the slot car racing are politically correct and even a bit boring. Carlo Tonalezzi tells his personal story; his likes and dislikes about the hobby.

Slot car fun
The author tells a bit about the history of slot car racing but the main subject is: how to have more fun with racing. Carlo Tonalezzi advises all slot car racers to join a club, because it will help you develop better skills and knowledge. The author started his own club with friends. In the book you can read all about it.

The chapter with the interviews is very informative for slot racers. I like the observation of Bryan Young of SCX USA a lot. He says: ‘The new SCX digital system, although it is the latest in digital technology, is a simple system to race with, not complicated at all… And that is what happened to slot cars in the 60s… it got way too technical, and without the proper support from the slot car companies, it drove out a lot of the novice drivers who were just about to embrace this amazing hobby… don’t let that happen again… don’t over technalyze it!’.

Also the other people of the industry, like Dave Kennedy of Carrera, who are interviewed, have interesting things to say about slot car racing. Buy the book, again; it’s an interesting read.

The only thing that I do not like about this book is the excessive use of quotes of real racers. I believe Carlo Tonalezzi is a big fan of Ayrton Senna. In many chapters you can read a wise phrase of this excellent former formula one driver and legend. The book does not need quotes of others. The author has many smart observations of his own.

At the club
One of these quotes of the author in the book that I like is about his slot car club:

There are no talks about politics, religion of facts that could create friction within the group and take away the fun of racing. The group totally gravitates towards this hobby. Our chats circulate around information about new slot cars to be released, the old and hard-to-find slot cars, news on the companies, new products etc. It’s all about slot cars!

A Day at the Races is a must have book for all slot car enthusiasts. The publication is a perfect present from slot racers to slot racers.

A Day at the Races in detail
A Day at the Races: Slot Car Superstar; a slot car book with pictures and interviews;
Written by Carlo Tonalezzi;
Slot Car Superstar; 1 edition (August 5, 2015); Lexington, KY; ISBN 9780996557207;
Available in print and eBook.

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