A Guide to Model Car Racing

A Guide to Model Car Racing Many books are published in the old days of model car racing. The Internet was not invented at that time.

Irwin Stambler
The hobbyist got the information about slot cars from books and magazines. Irwin Stambler is the author of A Guide to Model Car Racing (published in 1967).

Different scales of model cars
The book explains the different scales of model cars and describes the various tracks that were available. He also gives information about assembly and tuning of motor and chassis and adaptation of individual cars to particular tracks.

In the sixties model racing was rapidly becoming a club sport, the author discusses the formation of clubs and methods of getting the most fun of home racetracks. In addition to advice on such essentials as rules and regulations, the book contains suggestions for father-son competitions and commercial-raceways contests. Also included is a glossary, a special appendix of motor and gearing specifications, and a description of a basic tool kit.

Strombecker and Revell
In the book some nice photos are shown from basic figure-8 home sets from makes as Strombecker and Revell. The author writes that, sooner or later, any driver will get bored with a basic set and show for that reason some more complex tracks.

The layout of the South African Grand Prix circuit is a nice example of a more complex track, that still these days would be an excellent track for home racing. Because modern design techniques were not available at the end of the sixties, Irwin Stambler explains how you can design a track using a string and nail. The old books about model car racing make you realize how our hobby has developed during the years.

Book in detail
Title: A Guide to Model Car Racing
Author: Irwin Stambler
Publisher: W.W. Norton and Company Inc. New York
Library of congress catalog card no: AC66-10232

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