Aurora Slot Cars by Thomas Graham

The book Greenberg’s guide to Aurora Slot Cars has been published in 1995. This book is an interesting read for all kind of slot racers.

Greenberg’s guide to Aurora
The book Greenberg’s guide to Aurora Slot Cars has been published in 1995.

This book about the legendary slot car manufacturer Aurora, can be considered as one of the best books about model car racing ever.

The author Thomas Graham is professor of History at the Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. The author describes the history of Aurora in a very fascinating way.

Slot car enthusiasts who do not have special interest in Aurora will also be gripped by the in-depth, journalistic, background information and they will wonder themselves about the stories about the developments of slot car racing in the sixties.

Aurora Slot Cars by Thomas Graham
It is not easy to find a original print published by Kalmbach books in 1995, but the book is reprinted. Schiffer Publishing Ltd. got permission to use the text and photos.

The new title is simply Aurora Slot Cars.

The new publisher did not change the text, although the values of the models in the price guide are updated. The layout has been changed. The photographs were edited, resized or added. The new publication became thirty-two pages thicker.

Aurora Slot Cars by Thomas Graham is available at

Other books about Aurora are:
Aurora road racing handbook [vol. 1-3]. [Edited by Aurora.], 1974, 1975, 1979;
Geoff Preston: Race Aurora AFX : a guide to HO model racing cars, 1982;
Kevin Timothy; Joanne Collison: Definitive Index of Aurora Thunderjets and Vibrators, 1993;
Kevin Timothy: The collectors quick reference series volume 1 : Aurora vib’s and t-jets, 1994;
John A. Clark: H0 slot car identification and price guide : Aurora Model Motoring in H0 scale, 1995;
Mike Vitale: The complete restoration & collecting guide to Aurora H0 slot cars, 1995;
Bob Beers: The complete color guide to Aurora H.O. slot cars, 2000.

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