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Scalextric is the slot car brand with the longest history. If you want to know all about this great firm you can choose between many books. In this article you find a selection of three books.

Scalextric Cars and equipment, past and present
Roger Gillham has written already 8 editions of “Scalextric, cars and equipment, past and present”. The first edition was published in 1981. The publisher describes the book as the “bible of Scalextric”. Although the new book contains valuable information for collectors, it is not the best and only source for Scalextric lovers. The book feature 350 photographs, most of them specially commissioned for this edition. Interesting chapters are “Super 124 cars”, about the 1/24 scale system and the chapter “Home and club tracks”.

Title: Scalextric, cars and equipment, past and present
Author: Roger Gillham
Language: English
Publisher: Haynes Publishing

Scalextric, The story of the world’s most favorite model racing cars
The author Rod Green tells the history of Scalextric in a fascinating way. The guideline of the forty-year’s story are the decades of the last century. The book does not reveal any secret information that collectors should know. Do not expect exiting photographs. Most photographs and pictures come from archives of Scalextric. The other two books that are reviewed on this page introduce Scalextric as an international firm. Rod Green is only focused on the UK catalogue. Although the remarks, this ( it consists of 192 pages) book deserves a prominent place in your slot-racing library.

Title: Scalextric, The story of the world’s most favorite model racing cars
Author: Rod Green
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Collins Illustrated

Scalextric History and Passion
“Scalextric History and Passion” is a bilingual (English and French) book of the Belgium journalist Alian van de Abeele and photographer Eric de Ville. The book is very informative and lists all the models produced by the British firm and its Spanish and French sister companies. Superb photographs support the text. “Car spotting in Margate” is the title of a chapter that deals with the production of Scalextric models in old factory in Margate, England. The author and photographer had the honor to visit the factory of the greatest slot car manufacturer. The factory is closed now. Due to costs reducing the assemble department of Scalextric, they moved to China at the end of 1999. “History and Passion” is a book that belongs to the library of all Scalextric enthusiasts.

Title: Scalextric History and Passion
Author: Alain van den Abeele
Languages: English and French
Publisher: IHM Publishing

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