Built with Passion by Jeff Davies

The story of rail racing. Jeff Davies received some rail models 5 years before he started to write the book. A passion for rail racing was born.

The story of rail racing
Model Aeronautical Press published in 1957 the book “Model car rail racing” by D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson, who was editor of the magazine “Model Maker”. Jeff Davies published fifty years later the book “Built with passion: the story of rail racing”. By publishing the book Jeff Davies reintroduced rail racing.

Built with Passion by Jeff Davies
Jeff Davies was born in Wales in the fifties and worked in the car business. Davies lived quite near Roger W. Greenslade, the author of the book “A history of electric model roads and racetracks : 1908-1985”. Jeff Davies, who was one of the first buyers of the book of Roger Greenslade, found out about the wonderful days of rail racing and rail cars and ever since he has wanted to race a rail car. But first Jeff Davies discovered the HO-slot cars.

In the eighties Davies briefly earned his living as a professional slot racer, organizing and running the National Tyco HO Slot Racing Championships before suffering a serious car accident.

Jeff Davies received some rail models 5 years before he started to write the book.

A passion was born and Davies decided to bring back rail racing into the attention of slot car racers. After an intensive period of research he published the book “Built with passion”. The author describes the cars, the chassis, the tracks and the races. The chapter profiles are short stories about collections from friends of the author. These friends are collectors of rail and slot cars from all over the word.

“Built with passion” counts 79 pages and shows many color and black and white photographs. Ford (www.fordpub.com), the publisher of the magazine Scale Auto Racing, is the publisher of this nice book about rail racing.

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