Electric Model Car Racing

Electric Model Car Racing Most books about slot car racing that are written in the sixties were published in the United States of America. Electric Model Car Racing has been published in London in 1965.

D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson
The author, D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson, was the editor of Model Cars magazine and claims proudly to be one of the pioneer enthusiasts of model car racing. He was a member of the two model clubs in Britain in the late fifties.

Development of model racing
In the first chapter of the book the author describes the development of model racing in the beginning of our hobby. In the fifties young boys were fascinated by the looks of a model railway. A railway layout was too static for youngsters. Some tried racing with a couple of locomotives. According to the author the start of slot cars is racing with locomotives. Indeed, our hobby started in England in the fifties with rail racing. Rail racing was the first attempt to run model cars by the use of electricity.

Basic idea remained
Although the book Electric Model Car Racing is written almost five decades ago the basic idea about model car racing is still the same. One of my slot car friends (Gerard van Dongen, the webmaster of www.racebaan.com wonders how long we have to wait for ‘digital’ model car racing. A few years ago this technique renewed the model railway hobby.

Track constructions
Interesting chapters in the book Electric Model Car Racing are the parts about track constructions. The author’s views about a test track, a drag strip and the embellishments of a track are still very interesting for the model car racer of today. At the picture you see an example of a track plan as shown in the book.

History of slot car racing
I highly recommend Electric Model Car Racing for slot car racers who are interested in the history of the hobby. It won’t be easy to get a copy of this book, but it is worthwhile searching for it.

Electric Model Car Racing
Author: D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson
Title: Electric Model Car Racing
Publisher: Museum Press Limited
Language: English
Number: R.3539

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