Here is your hobby…Slot Car Racing

Here is your hobby…Slot Car Racing Rob Braverman (the author) and Bill Neumann (the photographer) have created the book Slot Car Racing.

Building the motor to gears, tires, scales and chassis
This book is published in 1966 and gives information on building the motor to gears, tires, scales and chassis and body modification. The author gives the following description of model car racing in the first chapter: “Model car racing can best be described as both a hobby and sport. It’s creative, challenging, stimulating and competitive. It provides all the excitement and thrills of real car racing without physical risk. You control your own racing car around a race course, at speeds up to and exceeding 300 scale miles per hour.”

Photos give and excellent impression
The text and especially the photos give an excellent impression how the slot car scene in the United States looked like during the sixties. The hobby slot car racing made its debut in the U.S. in 1958. The early racing enthusiast was often frustrated because home layouts were small and expensive, according to the author. Around the country many raceways opened their doors for the public.

Many fathers and their sons found the race centers. Hobby shops were located in the race centers were the customer could get all the supplies. Nowadays the big raceways disappeared and on-line slot car shops provide the hobbyist its cars and track. We do not have to build the cars from scratch but we order ready-to-run 1/32 scale model cars. The cars look better, but in the old days the hobbyist needed to be more creative. The average model car racer of today only uses super glue to fix mirrors, bumpers and spoilers.

Book in detail:
Title: Here is your hobby…Slot Car Racing
Author: Rob Braverman
Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s So

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