Interview with Dave Kennedy

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Dave Kennedy, the North American Marketing Manager Carrera of America.

I work for Carrera so…. I do personally like Carrera cars and I like cars too quite a bit.

How did you get involved in slot car racing?
My uncle got me racing at about 5 years old.

What is your favorite slot car brand and why?
I work for Carrera so…. I do personally like Carrera cars and I like cars too quite a bit.

Are you a collector of slot cars or stuff?
I’m not a collector. I enjoy racing and I don’t “collect” to get a collection. I buy cars to race.

What is your all-time favorite slot car? Why is this car the best model you like?
My first modern era slot car I really enjoyed was the Slot It Canon 956. It was one of the first slot cars I could get to go fast.

What is the slot car you bought recently and what will be the next one?
I bought some H&R chassis for doing some 1/25 racing for my club.

Do you race slot cars that are close to stock or do you improve them with better parts?
Both depending on the slot class.

What is your favorite track system? Is this Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco, wood or other?
I have always like Carrera track best (even when I worked for SCX previously) and I own that and a small wood track.

Do you have a racetrack at home? Which equipment do you use?
Yes, wood and Carrera. Lots of controllers from many different manufacturers.

Do you frequently come together with other slot car racers?
As often as i can.

Are you a member of a slot car club?

What is the name of the club?
Well we don’t really have a name honestly. This is the website, not very up to date but this is the track we normally race on. We race a number of classes. H&R brass chassis, Slot It, Carrera, Fly, NSR, SCX we race all brands of cars. I haven’t had much time in the past year to do much racing. I’ve been quite busy with work and some medical issues that have made it tough for me to race (shoulder surgery last year).

What do you have in your slot car box?
DS “PM” model controller and about 6 different Porsches from various companies including SRC, Carrera, Scalextric Classic Mini Cooper.

What is your opinion about digital slot car racing?
I do both, analog for club racing and I do enjoy digital racing. I feel that digital represents real racing more closely than analog racing.

What should be done to promote the hobby according to you?
I do social media for our company, advertising on various platforms including print and online and TV ads.

What is your favorite slot car memory?
Getting final approval from the design team that we (Carrera) would be doing the Cheetah and Cobra models together which were my first project for Carrera. I’m quite happy with this project. Personally I have many fond memories of racing during the summers I would spend with my Uncle Rob.

Which web sites, blogs and fora do you frequently visit?
Home Racing World, Slot Car Illustrated, Slotcar Today.

Do you have a blog, website or social media site where readers can find you?
Yes. I take care of the web site Carrera of America Inc

(November 2017): Dave is not longer the productmanager of Carrera but moved to the competitor Scalextric.

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