Märklin Sprint

The model railway manufacturer Märklin has produced in the period 1967-1982 the slot racing system “Sprint”. The German Company is still selling model trains, but was forced to stop the production of “Sprint” during the eighties.

Märklin introduced the Sprint system
Märklin started the production of slot cars and sets a few years too late. Slot racing was very popular in the sixties. In almost every family home you could find a model racing set. During the peak of slot racing Märklin introduced the Sprint system. Many customers already bought a set of another slot car brand, such as Scalextric.

Slot cars
Märklin Sprint Märklin has produced 32 different slot cars. Many models were available in different colors. 73 different models were produced. The front axle of the models was moveable. The first cars had an inline type of motor. The last models were driven by a sidewinder.

Slot track
The Sprint system was not compatible with systems of other manufacturers, although the Sprint system looked like the system of Scalextric. The direct current power supply was 14 volts. The electric power supply on the track was very good. The Märklin track was easy to assemble. The width of the Märklin track was 15 cm. The standard straight was 42 cm long. The 40-Ohm plunger controllers did not have a break.

Märklin offered many accessories such as (electronic) lap counters, pit-buildings and a booklet with track-layouts.

Märklin Sprint after 1982
The production of Märklin Sprint has ceased more than 20 years ago, but the system is still used by fanatic slot racers. Märklin models are nice collector’s items. Spare parts are available, though very expensive. A controller of another brand (for example Tyco or Scalextric) can replace the original controller. The controller should be in the range 30-60 Ohm.

Sprint, Die Autobahn von Märklin 1962-1982 Joachim Saam is the author of “Sprint, Die Autobahn von Märklin 1962-1982”. The reference book counts 145 pages (24 color pages). The book contains an overview of all cars, tracks and accessories of Märklin.

Marklin Sprint book
Tittle: Sprint, Die Autorennbahn von Märklin 1967-1982;
Author: Joachim Saam;
Language: German;
Publisher: Hauser-Verlag;
ISBN: 3-00-007385-X.

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