Model Cars

The monthly magazine Model Cars was one of the best British magazines in the sixties.

Slot car racing and die-cast models
The magazine offered articles about slot car racing and information about die-cast models. The monthly magazine was available in Great Britain, the United States and Canada.

Model and Allied Publications
Model and Allied Publications Ltd. (MAP) was the publisher of Model Maker, a magazine about model plains, boats and cars. In 1964 MAP decided to create a magazine that focused the attention on model cars. Since October 1968 the magazine Miniature Auto was incorporated in Model Cars. The last issue of Model Cars was published in 1972.

The editorial director of the magazine was D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson, “Dickie” for friends. Mr. Laidlaw-Dickson was a well-known author in the slot car scene. He wrote many books about model cars, boats and plains and a few books about model car racing.

Model and Allied Publications published more books about model car racing. Simple Electric Car Racing of Vic Smeed is the most popular book of MAP.

The Collectors Corner, Pit Chatter, Trend Of The Trade and ECRA Newspage were the regular columns in this magazine. Other articles were technical drawings about racing cars, new models, discussions about rules and many more.

MAP was proud to present “the finest range of model technical books in the world”. Examples are the loose supplements that were offered about motor tuning. Dan Glime wrote the complete story of motor tuning. A gold lettered binder was offered to save the three booklets.

Model Cars was the official magazine of the Electric Car Racing Association (ECRA). ECRA organized races at commercial clubs within the United Kingdom. Model Cars offered the rulebook of the ECRA as a loose supplement.

Model Cars was the guide in Britain during the booming years of slot car racing. The success took only seven years, but collectors can still enjoy the informative articles of this excellent magazine.

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