Racing and Collecting Slot Cars by Robert Schleicher

Racing and Collecting Slot Cars by Robert Schleicher The slot car racing and collecting hobby was increasing in popularity in the beginning of the 00s.

A book is better than the internet
To get started beginners can find all the information on the Internet. The Internet is not sufficient enough; a hardcopy of information is needed. Unfortunately there are not so many books about slot car racing. Most books contain information about a certain brand or kind of slot car. Finally you are able to read a book about slot car racing in general.

More than 200 photos, many in color
Racing and Collecting Slot Cars by Robert Schleicher – back cover This paperback counts 128 pages, more than 200 photos, many in color and covers 1/32 and HO-scale cars and tracks. The book includes basics of slot cars and their parts, controllers and comparisons of the major slot car brands and much more. The author provides all the information you need to enjoy model car racing.

How to organize races
You will learn how to organize races, how to design a track (use your Ping-Pong table), how to recreate you favorite cars and how to add realistic scenery to your home-track. In the book you will find two photos of the Le Monzaco track, built by Jason Boye. This most amazing raceway in existence is a real inspiration for all home-track builders. Racing and Collecting Slot Cars is a library must for all slot car enthusiasts.

Book in detail
Author: Robert Schleicher
Publisher: MBI Publishing Company
Language: English

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