RallySlot, Un mundo a escala

Many books about model car racing are focused on a certain manufacturer. “Rally, Un mundo a escale” is one of the first books that deal with a theme. The involvement of Másslot guarantees quality and detailed information.

Rally Circuit
The first photographs of a well-detailed rally circuit were published in the March 1968 issue of the British magazine Model Cars. The track of a British Club was built with one idea in mind that it would give all the people with slow cars a chance to compete with the fast lads on an even footing. With the construction of the rally track it did not make use to enter the competition with high powered Pittman monsters.

Nowadays high-tech parts are used in the slot rally scene. The rally slot competitions are very popular in Spain.

Másslot is one of the best magazines about slot car racing. This Spanish magazine publishes detailed reports about all new products. The excellent photographs make this magazine also interesting for people who do not speak Spanish. Másslot started with an English version but the printing ceased after just five issues. The publisher could not bring the excellent quality of the Spanish magazine in the international version.

Jose Luis Menendez
Jose Luis Menendez is one of the contributors of Másslot. Menendez, who participated in many slot competitions in Spain, has written the book “RallySlot, Un mundo a escala”. Másslot is the publisher of this Spanish book. The hardcover book counts 198 pages and shows hundreds of photographs.

The book contains the following chapters: definitions, concepts of races, rally cars, technique, participation to competitions, organising race events and information about slot car clubs. This list shows that the writer deals with all aspects of rally racing, which is the most popular form of motorsport in Spain.

This book will inspire enthusiasts of slot rally circuits. Racers can learn a lot of the tips and tricks of the experienced Jose Luis Menendez.

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