Slot Car Bible by Robert Schleicher

It has been a long time since it was lucrative to publish books about slot car racing. Dozens of books have been written in the sixties, when our hobby was growing rapidly. Are the good times coming back again? It seems so, because two books of one author have been released in only eighteen months time.

Robert Schleicher
The author Robert Schleicher is described as a veteran writer and publisher in the hobby field. Robert Schleicher is the author of the slot car classic Model Road Racing Handbook (1967), Racing and Collecting Slot Cars (2001) and 101 Projects for Your Model Railroad. Robert Schleicher is also the publisher of Model Car Racing Magazine.

Perfect book for beginner and experienced racer
According to me “Racing and Collecting Slot Cars” is the perfect book for both the beginner and the experienced racer/collector. This book gives a complete overview of modern techniques of 1/32 and HO-scale cars and tracks. Some people were disappointed when the new book arrived. Having heard about the new title, the hobbyist suspects a complete reference book, with a big overview of models, tracks and manufacturers. The “Bible” is overlapping the previous book, but it is mainly focused on building scenery and customizing cars and tracks. The title is not covering the content. Nevertheless the ‘Bible’ is a very interesting book for the experienced model racing enthusiasts.

Includes 50 track plans
The book counts 231 pages and covers 50 track plans. The book answers the main question beginners always ask: What track is the best for me? An excellent overview shows all pros and cons of Scalextric, both Classic and Sport, Carrera, SCX, Artin and Ninco. A table with pros and cons is always debatable, but this overview makes it possible to make your choice.

Best you can find
The overall quality of the pictures is not always the best you can find. The quality of some black and white photographs is very poor. It looks like the publisher rushed to publication of this book.

I sincerely hope that the author will publish more books about model car racing in future, but please, Mr. Schleicher, do not show more different layouts that fit on a ping-pong table. We have seen more than enough of these kind of layouts in your last two books.

Book in detail
Slot Car Bible
Author: Robert Schleicher
Publisher: MBI Publishing Company
ISBN: 0-7603-1153-6
Language: English

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