Slot car racing in the Digital Age

Robert Schleicher has produced his fourth book about slot car racing last decade. The title ‘Slot car racing in the Digital Age’ could be misleading for some readers.

Slot car racing in the Digital Age
The book handles everything about modern slot cars and home racing tracks and is not focused on digital slot racing only.

Books about slot car racing
‘Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age’ comes after three other excellent books about the hobby slot car racing which are written by Robert Schleicher. The previous titles are: ‘Racing and Collecting Slot Cars’ (2001), ‘Slot Car Bible’ (2003) and ‘Slot Car Racing: Tips, Tricks, & Track Plans’ (2005). All these books of Robert Schleicher are still available.

Digital Age
‘Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age’ is by far the best book of Robert Schleicher according to me. The previous books are very interesting and give a comprehensive overview of slot car racing’s developments but some chapters are not interesting for the general enthusiasts. Without any doubt it can be concluded that some information is too technical for most readers. The information in the ‘Digital Age’ gives a better balance for beginners as well as serious slot car racers. The quality of the photographs has been increased and give the book a more professional look.

Analog and digital cars
In the latest book of Robert Schleicher you find all the information about new products and technologies. The ‘Digital Age’ gives an comprehensive overview of slot cars racing in the analog and digital forms by reviewing more than 70 analog slot cars and the four major digital brands (Scalextric, Carrera, SCX and Ninco).

Track plan
The most interesting chapters for both beginners and advanced slot racers are the pages with pictures and information about home racetracks. Every slot car racer who wishes to create a permanent track at home should check out these chapters because the will give much inspiration.

‘Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age’ handles all about modern slot car racing for both 1/32 and HO scales. This latest book of Robert Schleicher can be advised to all slot car enthusiasts.

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