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What is the current status of Ninco?

Often people ask me what the current status is of Ninco. Is Ninco still active in the slot car racing scene? A very good question.

Ninco has been an important company in the rebirth of the popularity of slot car racing in Europe. The Spanish company started in the beginning of the nineties with bringing nice slot cars and an excellent track system. Ninco and competitor Fly Car Model started to make cars which were one level higher. A lot of people were attracted by the models and it became the new standard. It was the time that many people became interested in the hobby, like myself.

Ninco was a popular brand. Many enthusiasts started to collect the classic or rally cars. I have to say, that in level of detail other companies did a better job. Ninco could not follow the pace. Around 2005 Ninco introduced their digital race system. The system was not picked up by the consumers for different reasons and it meant the downfall of the company.

The focus of the brand shifted to Radio Controlled cars, planes, helicopters and drones. Making slot cars became a side affair of the company. At a certain point we did not see any new slot car products coming from the brand. Spain was hit by the economic crisis and Ninco almost ceased.

The last few years Ninco did not show up at the toy fair in Germany (always at the end of January) with slot products. The stand was full with RC-stuff. This year Ninco showed for the first time a car again: a Renault Megane. The low level detailed lexan body is mounted on a universal body. The car is equipped with a NC14 Speeder Motor but is not a serious model for slot car racers.


New 1:32 slot cars by Ninco. A thermos formed body clipped on the universal Ninco Chassis, providing a very low center of gravity. Faster and lighter cars with easily exchangeable body shells.

You can find a few other models of Ninco on the website, which is a web shop.

The cars are suitable for kids who like to race with bright coloured cars but no material for us (serious slot car racers).

On SlotCarToday I read that Ninco was asked to produce the lane changing section for the US market. This could be a good sign that Ninco is back on track but I have my doubts.

On the website Ninco offers the old items, which is most probably to clean the stock.



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