Carrera 124 132 pit lane

Carrera Digital Pitstop can have left and right pit lanes

One of the biggest advantages of digital slot car racing is the possibility of using a pit lane for fuel strategies. The pitstop features have an added value in digital slot fun.

For my new track project (Carrera 124) I am planning to have two pit lanes. I do not want to have the pit lanes next to each other or one behind the other but on both sides of the track. To get this working you need to have two pit entries. I have the normal pit lane set of Carrera (part 30356), which has a pit lane entry switch, a pit lane exit, pit stop adapter unit and a few supporting track parts. The standard pit-lane set is positioned at the right side of the track. And that is a problem when you need an entry at the left side of the track. You cannot simply take two sets to solve this.

I found a solution by using the narrow section left (30350) and right (30351). In combination with two pit lane adapters (30361) it is possible to make a pit stop at both sides of the track.

For this solution I don not use the normal entry and exit parts of the pit stop set. I have other plans for these section, but I have to work this out. For that reason I did not buy a second pit stop adapter yet (maybe I need the entire set).

The big advance of using the narrow sections is that the cars drive smoothly into the pit area. The disadvantage is that the complete pit lane section takes the length of 5 straight track pieces. You need a big room to use this pit stop set-up.

carrera 124 pit stop

I hope this way of creating a different kind of pit entry has inspired you.

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