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Digital Racing Rules

The DiSCA has a fine set of general rules for digital slot car racing. You can find this rules on their website or you download the Pdf-document right here.

The set of rules is called ‘The digital Slot Car Association Driving and Racing Standards’.

In the preamble of the document the DiSCA stated that they have a particular focus on the ‘rules of the road’ in a way that every participant knows what is allowed while driving on a circuit.


The premise of authoring this standard is so that DiSCA practices may now be applied at any level of racing, whereby the official(s) of the meeting has the reassurance they are following accepted procedures which have been tried, tested and adopted by the wider digital slot car racing community.

The document has four sections: Driving and racing standards, penalties, standards applicable circuits with a working pit lane and final authority.

The first section focuses on intentional and excessive contact, which is not allowed. Contact from cars racing on the same lane is expected, but intentional contact should be avoided. Driving into the back, stopping on the circuit, excessive blocking is not allowed and should be penalized.

The second section handles the penalties. A standard penalty for indiscretion during the race will be a stop-and-go penalty for a duration of ten seconds. Race control has all the rights to make proper decisions.

The third section is about the pit lane. All cars must enter the circuit from the pit lane. Re-joining the circuit must be done from the pit lane as well.

The last section stated that the final authority on resolving any issue remains the reserve of the organizers.

‘The digital Slot Car Association Driving and Racing Standards’ is a document that can be adopted by slot racing clubs and owners of digital home tracks.


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