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For the glory of the hobby: Slot Car Magazine

Slot Car Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine for racers, collectors and builders which has its roots in the popular SlotCarMAG produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts: for the racer in you.

slot car magazine

The first issue of SlotCarMag was published in the Spring of 2012. Ric Woods and Marc Abbott are the driving force behind the magazine.

The mission of Slot Car Mag(azine):

Our aim has always been to provide something different that appeals to slot car enthusiasts of all ages and experience and – most of all – to have fun doing it.

The magazine is a non-profit publication and relies on the generosity of writers and enthusiasts world wide and support from Pendle Slot Racing and local printers. 

Printed versions of the magazine are available at the online shop Pendle Slot Racing. You can find all information about the digital versions of the magazine on the website:

slot car magazine

From the beginning there was a thing going on with an other publication (digital only). Slot Racer Magazine started with subscriptions in the same period. Slotracers were confused and they thought it is one magazine. After the last issue of Slot Racer Magazine (just 4 magazines) Ric Woods made a statement on SlotForum:

We at SlotCarMAG are sorry to hear of Slot Racer Magazine’s demise. Putting a magazine together is an enormously time-consuming exercise, so we understand Jon’s predicament.

Unfortunately, here at SlotCarMAG we have had a number of e-mails from people, enquiring as to when they are going to have their subscription money returned. I must point out that SlotCarMAG has no connection whatsoever with Slot Racer Magazine, and we have never sold the magazine on a subscription basis. I know the number of slot car magazines around might make things a little confusing for some, but please don’t ask us for your subscription money! I am sure Jon will sort this matter out as soon as he can.

Nowadays you should not get confused by the other magazine about slot car racing: Slot Magazine. Soon I will write a blogpost about this magazine.

The title of the magazine SlotCarMag was changed to SlotCarMagazine in or around 2015.

Recently I bought the May issue of SlotCarMagazine and I like it a lot. Ric Woods and Marc Abbott can be proud. The magazine is full with nice stories and interesting how-to’s. The magazine is bi-monthly and wisely not focused on the news about the hobby. In the May issue of 2018 I read an nice article about the rally track of the Dutch racer Hub Habets. He is also very active in the German magazine Col-On-Line. Adrian Norman wrote an in-depth article about the Scalextric all time favourite the Bentley 4.5 litre. These two persons have contributed in previous magazines as well. All the other articles are also written very well and I am looking forward to the next issue.

slot car magazine

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