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Slot Racer Magazine

Slot Racer Magazine started in 2011 with good intentions.

core slot racer magazine

On we could read the following:

Slot Racer Magazine is the first fully independent magazine for slot car racers; from the occasional home racer, to the professional club racer.

Jon Grainger was running the magazine as Editor-In-Chief.  The magazine was available as an E-magazine and could be viewed as a PDF file.

What Slot Racer Magazine offered:

  • Reviews of the latest cars!
  • A column by the top manufacturers!
  • ‘Slot Car Builder’, how you can build you own cars!
  • Reviews of the most popular events!
  • Interviews with motor racing legends!
  • High quality photography!

The magazine had great intensions, maybe too great. A big mouth?

CMOTD wrote a comment on SlotForum after reading the trial edition:

If someone wants me to pay for a commercial magazine then I expect the editor to have an excellent command of the English language. The home page of the website does not fill me with confidence. One major spelling error, an errant apostrophe and a couple of grammatical errors in just three paragraphs do not inspire me to part with my cash.

SlotCarMag was introduced in the same period. Slotracers were confused, but the magazine got great support. After just 6 issues it is described itself as “world’s best selling slot car magazine“. 

slot racer magazine

Subscribers were promised 10 magazines a year, but it was difficult for the publisher to keep that promise. After just six issues the project ended. Subscribers had to wait long for issue #7. On 27 June 2012 the Editior-In-Chief of Slot Racer Magazine made a statement on

Firstly, I changed my job at the start of the year, and now hold a Design Editor’s position, at a medium sized local magazine, all because of the success of SRM. Also, I am still holding my job at the family business.

At the moment, I am compiling the next issue, after this is released, the magazine will close. Next, each subscriber will then be refunded for the issues outstanding.

As far as I know, Slot Racer Magazine #7 was never published.

Keeping up a website or magazine as a hobby takes a lot of effort and time. So I do understand that this magazine came to an end.

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