slot cars magazine

Slot Cars Magazine

The first issue of Slot Cars Magazine was published at the end of 2014. The January/February 2015 issue promised an interesting read.

slot cars magazine

Gregg Hutchings was the publisher. The name of the editor is Jairus Watson, who wrote the editorial. The editor welcomed contribution of the readers. On the website they published even the guidelines for submitting articles.

The magazine covered the entire hobby, they stated:

Slot Cars Magazine is the newest slot car magazine published. We will cover all areas of the slot car hobby, not just one. We love all slot cars, from HO to 1/24, and everything in between.

Six printed magazines have been distributed in the US. The magazines are still available as Pdf on the website

slot cars mag

Just after 6 promissing issues the publication ceased. In October 2017 the last issue was distributed. The website is still online. Will there be a new issue of Slot Cars Magazine soon?

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