Scalextric ultimate guide

Scalextric – The Ultimate Guide – 8th edition

‘Scalextric – The ultimate guide’ is the 8th edition of the range of books about the famous brand Scalextric.  Adrian Norman is the author of this ultimate collectors item for any slot enthusiast. Roger Gillham, who was the author of the seven previous editions, has contributed to this edition.

The 7th edition was also called ‘Scalextric – The Ultimate guide’ and nobody expected a new version. That book was more detailed and got better pictures than the prior editions. Where they able to make an even more complete guide about Scalextric? The answer is yes, they did.

The former IT manager Adrian Norman was from 2002 until 2015 the Brand and Product Selector of Hornby Hobbies, the company that owns the brand Scalextric. In this position, he was the right person to collect al the information that was needed to create a better version of Scalextric guide. Norman is not active in the industry anymore but still writes about the brand in Slot Car Magazine.

The 8th edition has 700 pages, 33 chapters and shows 2.000 pictures. As Scalextric produced not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina, Australia an Russia, you will find catalogue listings of cars, sets and accessories of all these countries.

I am very keen of the rare and unusual items that are showed in this book, the information about Super 124, scenic tracks and the story about the electric tinplate cars and sets.

Scalextric ultimate guide

Will there be a 9th editions? Nobody knows, but it is still possible, I think. As said, Adrian Norman is still writing about the models of Scalextric and there are other subjects to cover. What about the catalogues and books that are written about the brand? More information about the collectors of the brand and stories of fans. Just to mention a few subjects for the next edition.

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