SlotCarAcademy.com is your doorway to the fascinating world of slot car racing.

When did this web site about slot car racing started?
SlotCarAcademy.com started on 25 December 2003 and is one of the longest running web sites about slot car racing around the world.

What is the status of the SlotCarAcademy.com?
SlotCarAcademy.com is independent as it is not related to a certain brand or slot car shop.

What kind of articles we find on this web site?
On SlotCarAcademy.com you will find information about slot cars of Ninco, NSR, Slot.it, BRM, Scalextric, SCX, Carrera and other brands. You will also read on this site articles about racing and collecting slot cars. There is also lots of information about slot car books and magazines. SlotcarAcademycom publishes articles about the present and past times of the hobby.

Who is the owner of this web site?
SlotCarAcademy.com is the web site of slot car books collector and racing fan Jan Willem van Capelleveen. Jan Willem lived in seven countries around the world and is currently residing in the country of his origin; The Netherlands. Jan Willem is also owner of the website Racebaaninfo.nl, a Dutch web site about slot car racing. The website is written in ‘Euro-English’ as the author is not a native English speaker.

Jan Willem developed his love and fascination for racing cars and modeling in the seventies. Read the self interview below and learn more about his passion for slot car racing.

How can we contact the SlotCarAcademy?
You can send an e-mail (jwvancapelleveen @ gmail.com).

Can we find the SlotCarAcademy on Facebook?
SlotcarAcademy.com is active on Facebook to be connected to the international slot car racing community. Facebook is an excellent tool to get in touch with other slot racers. More than 2.000 slotracers liked the Facebooksite. Do you like it?

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Okay, just for a laugh. This is Jan Willem while enjoying slot car racing when he was young.

Interview with Jan Willem van Capelleveen
In this section you will find a self-interviews with Jan Willem van Capelleveen, the webmaster of SlotcarAcademy.com.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Jan Willem van Capelleveen (1966), I am married and have two children. I am the creator and editor of SlotcarAcademy.com. I work as content manager for 3W | WorldWide Working, a shared service organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. I am responsible for the digital accessibility of products and services of the organization. Furthermore, I take care of communications, including the annual reports and newsletters of 3W.

How did you get involved in slot car racing?
At the age of nine I got a Fleischmann racetrack as a birthday present. I was immediately hooked. From that moment on I played on the carpet in the living room. With friends I raced very fanatical. It was in the late seventies and there were only mechanical lap counters. Later on the electronic counters came around but they were too expensive for a young racer. We kept the time with a stopwatch.

I remember that the cars of Fleischmann looked old-fashioned but solid. I never had problems with the cars. I played with the track and cars until I was about fifteen. The track pieces and models were put in one box and stored in the attic.

In 2001, my attention was drawn by a Formula 1 set of Ninco. I was captivated by the details of the models. I purchased the Ninco F1 set. At home with the track parts and accessories, I tried the racetrack. I was a thirty now, but perhaps still a little child; as a kid so happy with this race set. The leaflet Ninco was carefully studied by me. My eyes fell immediately on the computer Pole Position race. The technique was improved over years! A few days later I bought a GT-set and the lap counter.

Do you have a racetrack at home?
Currently not I’m afraid. Since 2001 I have had a number of racetracks. Due to my work I moved a lot. A have had racetracks in four different countries. I had to build and rebuild my tracks for this reason. The advantage is that I could always try something new. On my site I have written about my Pleasuredome track over the years. I used Ninco, Carrera, Scalextric and wood.

What kind of equipment do you use?
The electronic controllers are from Slot.it. I own three controllers, which I like a lot. Two controllers are connected to my track if I put it down. The other I carry with me in the case. For lap counting I use the new bridge and old DS Racing track counter. I have the DS 200, which I use already 12 years. For digital racing I use the standard equipment of Carrera.

Do you meet other slot racers frequently to race at a track?
Yes. We are now the six of us at our monthly race meetings. We use to have a competition of several minutes racing and the race game ‘Out is over’. The concept of ‘Out is over’ is easy on a three lanes track. The one who is deslotted is out of the race. We race until one of the others crashes. We usually fail to finish. Nobody gets to the end of the race, which is set on 3 minutes racing.

What is your favorite slot car brand and why?
There are many brands that I support. Ninco has been for years my favorite brand. The love is over (like the glory days of the brand). Now I like the cars of NSR and Slot.it the best. But, now I switched (for home racing) to digital (1:24) Carrera. I love these great looking slot cars.

Are you a collector of slot cars or stuff?
I have collected several models and themes, but I stopped. So I had the Classics and the Catalunya models of Ninco in my collection. In the beginning of, around 2001, I bought everything: books, cars, magazines, systems and more. I have maintained this habit for years. Nowadays I only buy models that I race. I have a nice collection of books about slot car racing. Only books that have appeared in recent years, I should add to my collection.

What is your all-time favorite slot car? Why is this car the best model you like?
This is a very difficult question. I think that the Mosler of NSR is my all-time favorite. It is good looking model and very fast.

What is the slotcar you bought recently and what will be the next one?
The last car I bought is the Lotus 78 of Fly Car Model. This is an elegant Formula One car. The next one will be the newest of NSR, not knowing which model that will be.

What is your favorite track system? Is this Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco or wood?
During 14 years of slot car racing I have tried all the systems. The least favorite is Scalextric, because it’s so small. Carrera is for home racing too big for the small houses in the Netherlands. I like the surface of the Ninco track. It is great to run cars without magnets or lead. Having said that, I like wood the most.

Are you a member of a slot car club?
I am not a member of a club. Most clubs have weekly meetings. That is too much for me nowadays. I prefer to race with friends regularly. I like to meet my friends for racing at their home tracks. I have been a member of Racefun, a 1/24 slot car racing club in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do you have a case for transportation for your slot car stuff?
Yes, I bought the Poly-Butler some years ago. It is my mini mobile workshop. I also use it at home. It is good to have the most important spare parts in reach.

What is your opinion about digital slot car racing?
I still think that digital slot car racing is the future. On the other side, it is more than ten years possible and the big breakthrough did not happen. This is a fault of the industry. The slot car brands should have worked together to create one protocol.

I have used the digital system of Ninco for two years but went back to analog racing. The lap counting of my Ninco system was not reliable. Missing laps and ridiculous lap times were the problems that I faced in every race. I hated that situation. Now I own the digital stuff of Carrera. Love it.

Which websites, blogs and for a you frequently visit?
I like Slotforum and SlotcarIllustrated a lot. The German site Freeslotter.de is also a great one. I think that the best site is Spanish: Slotcar-Today.com is on top of the news. I also like blogs and personal websites of slot car racers.

Do you have a blog, website or social media site where we can meet you?
I have my own blog and site in Dutch, Racebaaninfo.nl.

I am also the writer of an Ebook about slot car racing. The book is in Dutch and is a free download. Check it out: Het Racebaanboek.

SlotcarAcademy.com is active on Facebook to be connected to the international slot car racing community. Facebook is an excellent tool to get in touch with other slot racers. More than 2.000 slotracers liked the site. Go to the SlotcarAcademy on Facebook and like it.