Magazines about slot car racing

An overview of magazines about slotcars and tracks.

The list is far from complete and was compiled a few years ago. It needs to be updated. Feel free to send your suggestions by mail (jwvancapelleveen @

AmbritGlyn Newsletter
The AmbritGlyn Newsletter was dedicated to preservation of scale model racing and was primary focused on 1/24 and 1/32-scale models. The Newsletter was founded (around 1994) and published by Tom Moye in the United States. The magazine started as a quarterly and was printed 10 or 11 times a year at the end of the nineties.

American Modeller
American Modeler was an American magazine about slot cars and static models in the sixties.
Conde Nast Publications in New York published the magazine.

Speedracer evolved into Auto-Modell und Technik in April 2004. AMT claims to be the leading magazine in Germany about RC-racing.

Australian Model Car & Slot Racing Review
Model Car & Slot Racing Review was an Australian publication in the sixties. Page Publications in Sydney published the magazine. The bi-monthly publication started in 1966.

Auto Modeller
Printed forty-two times in the United Kingdom between 1979 and 1982. The magazine evolved into Miniature Auto.

Australian Slot Car Review
The magazine Australian Slot Car Review was printed in the West Kempsey with a frequency of four issues per year. The first issue was printed in 1966. The publication covered HO, 1/24 and 1/32-scale slot racing in the Australian context.

Autotec Modelismo RC
Autotec is a Spanish magazine for RC-racer since 1993. The magazine publishes regular a special about model car racing. These magazines are called Especial Slot y Scalextric. The magazine brings interesting information for both collectors and racers.

Auto World
Auto World was a mail order Company in the United Status. Oscar Koveleski and Bob “Smitty” Smith founded the Company in 1958. Mike Blates was the editor of the catalogs. The publications of Auto World used to be a catalogue, but because of the many interesting articles it was a respectable source of information. Besides slot cars the Company sold all kind of automotive related hobby products. Oscar Koveleski wrote many how-to articles in this publication.

The catalogue (fourty editions, #1 to #41, #13 was skipped) was published from 1958 to 1991. Auto World folded in 1999. Oscar Koveleski is now president of the Historic Can Am Assn.

Oscar Koveleski drove several cars in Can Am races. One model is interesting for slot car enthusiasts. Auto World was the striking sponsor of McLaren. The car was decorated with a slot car track. The Spanish manufacturer Vanquish MG offers the McLaren since 2003.

Auto World’s “Pro” Model Car Club got more than ten thousand members. Members got a newsbulletin (featering club contests, tips, how to’s and more) and a subscription to Model Cars & Model Racing News.

Car Craft
The American magazine Car Craft was a magazine about model cars in the sixties. The magazine also brought some articles about slot car racing.

Car Model
The first issue was printed in 1962 by OLR Publishing Company, based in North Arlington, New Jersey (USA). The initials OLR stood for Oscar Koveleski of AutoWorld, Bob McLoud, publisher, and Jose Rodiquez, technical editor. The publisher moved to New York in de mid-sixties. The first of the major US model publications started as bimonthly. After a year the magazine shifted to monthly publication.
A regular article in the Car Model was “Racing coast to coast”, about the racing scene in the United States during the sixties. In 1967 the editors of Car Model have written two special books. The titles of these books are HO Car Model Racing and the Technical Journal of model car racing.
The original publisher ended the magazine in 1973 but several months later the magazine was re-started by the new publisher James T. Emmott. The last issue was printed in July 1974 due to the lack of major advertisers. 133 issues of Car Model were published.

Car-On-Line is a German magazine about slot car racing. The first issue was published in 1991. Car-On-Line is mainly aimed at the German market. The slot car manufacturer Carrera is very popular in and around Germany. In COL you find many editorials about Carrera and Märklin. The magazine looks a bit old fashioned but the articles are very up-to-date. New slot cars are reviewed and many stories are being told about vintage models and equipment.

Cars & Details
Cars & Details is a German magzine about model cars. The first issue about this RC-magazine is published in 2001. The Slot-Spot is a regular section in this magazine. The Slot-Spot has an own website ( The section about slot racing brings informative articles about cars and equipment.

Cartoons was published by the Petersen Publishing Company in the sixties. The magazine printed regularly cartoons about slot car racing.

Circuit Routiers Newsletter
The French club for lovers of 1/32-sacle slot cars was founded in 1987. The newsletters of Circuit Routiers covers information about present topics, collections, vintage models, techniques and club events.

Club Notes
Club Notes is the newsletter of the Dutch Scalextric club, named Scalextric Liefhebbers Nederland. The club was founded in 1994.

Euroslot was a slot car magazine based on racing of the IMCA. The International Model Car Association was founded in 1985 in Belgium. The magazine is published between 1986 until 1995. 19 issues are printed. The editors were Jean Pierre van Rossum and Jean Pierre Roos. Ten thousand copies were printed of the first thirteen issues. Members of the IMCA received the magazine for free. The last six issues were distributed in limited numbers.
Model Racing International was another magazine of IMCA.

Faller Modelbau Magazine
Faller Modelbau Magazine was the official publication of Faller A.M.S. The magazine (originally written in German) covered mainly Faller products for the model train hobby, but some articles about model car racing were published. The first issue of the German version was printed in October 1957. The last issue (number 98) was published in 1974. The Dutch version was available from 1962 until 1969.

Faller Post
The German magazine Faller A.M.S. Post was printed in Germany from 1965. The magazine covered products of the Company. The first issue contained a special about the Nűrburgring and many examples of track layouts.

Grundy Gazette
The Grundy Gazette was a newsletter (from San Francisco) which was compiled and edited by Al Chuck (also known as Owl Chump). It is not known how many issues were published.

Guia Slot Racing
The first issue (number zero) of Guia Slot Racing was published in 1995 at the beginning of the revival of slot racing. The first thirty issues of the square sized magazine were written in the Spanish language. After the growth of tabletop racing the publisher of Guia Slot Racing decided to change the looks and the language of the magazine. In December 2002 Guia Slot Racing started to be bilingual, in Spanish and English. The square format was changed to the standard magazine size for commercial reasons. The magazine is printed six times per year.
The magazines is not published anymore.

Hobby Japan
Hobby Japan was a magazine about modelling with some slot car related articles.

Hobby News
Hobby News was a magazine in the sixties about planes, train, antique cars, slot racings, sciences and crafs. The magazine, “a guide for creative hobbyists”, was created for the promotion of products.
Sol Shulman Publications in Forest Hills, NY Hills published Hobby News monthly. Sol Shulman was also the editor.

H.O. Auto Racing
HO Auto Racing was published in the eighties by John Ford. The Technical Editor was Jim Honeycutt. The first issue of HO Auto Racing was printed in the spring of 1982. The magazine was an effort in unification of rules for HO races.

HOcars was a small publication written by Bob Beers.

H.O. OZ was an Australian quarterly about HO slot car racing. Rod Thurgood from West Kempsey edited the magazine.

HO:RACE is a well-written bulletin about HO slot cars.

HO Racing news is a newsletter written by John Warren.

The news bulletin of the HO Scale Racing Association from England was printed quarterly. Dave Cutler edited the magazine. The publication ceased.

Rick Burneson was the editor of the newsletter HO-USA, a quarterly printed in St. Louis, MO.

HO Slot Car Journal
HO Slot Car Journal, formerly Scale Auto Quarterly, is published by Scale Auto. John A. Clack writes the magazine. HO Slot car Journal is a full-colour quarterly with how-to articles, featured racetracks and new product announcements.

In Scale Illustrated
The first issue of magazine In Scale Illustrated was printed in 1994. The magazine published articles for model building but covered also slot cars.

In The Groove
In The Groove was the official publication of the Miniature International Racing Association in the sixties for members only, but was available through raceway centres. The first issue of this newspaper styled periodical appeared in February 1963. The newspaper styled monthly stopped at the end of the sixties.

Inside Track
Strombecker published a bimonthly called Inside Track. Inside Track followed Strombecker Table Top Topic.
The first issue of Inside Track was printed in January 1965. Every issue featured one or two big picture stories that informed the young customers how to create more speed or style. Strombecker presented in every issue the (Strombecker) car of the month. Every magazine counted sixteen pages.

International Modeler
International Modeler was a magazine about model airplanes, trucks and cars, slot cars included. The magazine Miniature Auto Racing was incorperated into International Modeler.

Lots of Slots
Lots of Slots was a monthly newsletter edited by Joel Vanderkolk. The magazine, printed in Cincinnati, Ohio, covered excellent HO slot car articles. The publication ceased in January 1997.

Más Slot (International)
Más Slot, one of the best magazines about model car racing, is printed in Spain since the summer of 2002. From April 2003 on the monthly magazine was also available in English. Sadly, just five “International” issues are printed. Más Slot is of interest for both racers and collectors. The in-depth information goes with excellent photographs.

Although collectors will enjoy Más Slot, racers will probably find the most articles to their interests. What strike one most are the test reports. Some reports take more than twelve pages. The authors are well informed about the history of real cars and they examine the models extensively. The results of these examinations are published in colourful tables.
The editors of Más Slot are also interested in slot equipment such as timing devices.

The publisher shows proper historical understanding. In every issue you find articles about the history of slot racing. Collectors will appreciate the articles about collections. The subscription goes with a special Más Slot model. The first model was the Lola of Spirit.

Model Auto Magazine is a Dutch magazine covering RC and Slot racing. The first issue was published in April 2004. Slot racing gets minor attention in the bi-monthly magazine.

Mechanix Illustrated
Mechanix Illustrated was a “how-to-do-magazine” in America during the sixties. The magazine published some articles about slot car racing.

Miniature Auto
Printed seventeen times in the United Kingdom between 1966 and 1968. The magazine is described as “Britain’s premier model car magazine” and “Britain’s first model car magazine”. The magazine incorporated Model Roads and Racing and merged with Model Cars.

Miniature Auto had a comeback in the eighties. The magazine published articles about model cars, radio-control models and slot racing. Roger Greenslade, the author of the book History of electric model roads and racetracks 1908-1985, published articles in this magazine.

Miniature Auto Racing
Ray Hoy, who was the editor of Model Car Science, started in 1970 with Miniature Auto Racing, a newspaper styled magazine. Bob Rule was the editor-at-large. Pacific Publishing Group from Las Vegas published Miniature Auto Racing monthly. The first issue was printed in July 1970. The publication about slot racing and R/C racing stopped in November 1973. The magazine became a part of International Modeler in 1974.

Miniature Autoworld
Printed sixteen times in the United Kingdom between 1965 and 1966. The magazine “out and about fun with models” evolved into Miniature Auto.

Miniauto Slot
Miniauto was a Spanish bimonthly that was divided in two parts. One part was focused on the collector of static models and the other section covered slot cars. The first issue of Miniauto was published in 1994. The magazine from Madrid lost important authors and editors to Más Slot and Guia Slot Racing in 2002 but started a separate slot car magazine. GSR was the loser and Miniauto the big winner because it became a very popular publication.

Mini Racing
Mini Racing was an Austrian magazine about model cars. The magazine was published in 1967 and 1968. The magazine was very influential on the slot racing scene in Austria. Mini Racing published many articles about model cars and tracks. The German manufacturer Carrera promoted in every issue a special section with product news.

Minis International
Minis International was an American magazine about slot car racing and R/C cars. Adepte printed the first issue in 1979.

Model Auto Racing
Slot racing magazine that was printed in the United States.

Model Car Collector
Model Car Collector was an American magazine that covered mainly static models.

Model Car Journal
The first issue of the fortnightly newspaper Model Car Journal was printed on December 21st 1967. The cover price of this American newspaper was 35 cents. Editor and Publisher were John Cukras and Mike Morrissey. Contributing editors were Bob Emmott, Sandy Gross, Doug Henline, Bob Rule, Joe Sullivan and Pete Zimmerman.

Model Car Journal
123 issues of Model Car Journal are published between 1974 and 1998. R.M. Woolley and D. Doty published the magazine. The newsletter covered mainly static models, but published some stories about slot cars. The magazine was sold to the publisher Krause. Krause renamed the magazine twice. The first name was Toy Cars and Vehicles and the second name was Toy Cars and Models.

Model Car Journal Online, written by Robert M. Woolley, was the electronic continuation of Model Car Journal.

Model Car Raceways
Model Car Raceways was a published quarterly as the business journal of the raceways industry. The magazine was circulated as a supplement in Toy and Hobby World plus all of the nation’s raceway centers. Model Car Raceways brought useful information for shopkeepers and owners of racetracks, but the magazine contained mainly advertisements.

Model Car Racing
The American magazine Model Car Racing is published by Robert Schleicher, a well-known author in the world of slot car racing since the sixties. The subtitle of MCR describes the contents of the magazine: “Racing replicas of real cars on home slot car tracks”. Although you can find a HO-section in the magazine, the greater part of the content deals with 1/32-scale cars.

The first issue of the American bimonthly was published in 2002. Every issue contains about sixty pages with many colour and black-and-white photographs. The quality of some photos is rather poor. Interesting are the photographs of the real cars for comparison with the replicas. Almost all pages are editorial, because just a few slot car manufacturers and dealers advertise in this hobby magazine.

Some interesting new models are tested in the magazine. The tested slot cars are compared with the real models and the histories of the original cars are told. In every issue you will find articles about race tuning, vintage racing, home tracks and layouts of real racetracks for your home. Very interesting is the instruction section “Start Here”. In this section you will find hints and clues about your home track.

Model Car & Racing
Model Car & Racing was founded in November 1966. One of the best magazines about slot racing ever published. The articles were very informative. The magazine was edited by Bill Byshyn and was published by Patrick T. O’Rourke. Other editors have been Donald G. Typond and Frank W. Coggins. Byshyn and Typond were also involved into Model Cars Illustrated.
Only nine issues are published: November 1996, January, March, May, July, September and November of 1967, and January and April of 1968.

Model Car Racing News
Model Car Racing News was a Hobby House Publication, based in Redwood City, California. The newspaper style publication was printed monthly in the sixties. The paper brought the news from the commercial raceways in the United States. Gary Drew was the editor and publisher. Drew was also the creator of the cartoon series “Gummy Slicks”, which was printed in the newspaper.

Model Car (&) Science
Model Car Science was an American magazine about custom building and slot racing. The first issue was printed in Los Angeles in April 1963. The magazine started as a bimonthly and shifted in 1964 to monthly publication. Model Car Science evolved into Model Car & Science in 1967. 110 issues are printed of Model Car & Science.
The books The new model car and racing manual and the 1966 model car racing handbook have been published by the editors of Model Car & Track and Model Car & Science. Both magazines merged in 1968. In February of that year the “new” Model Car & Science was published. Model Car & Science re-emerged after a few months and published monthly until 1972.

Model Car & Track
The magazine Model Car & Track was the most popular magazine during the “boom” of slot car racing. The first issue was printed in 1963.

Delta Magazine Inc. in Los Angeles published Model Car and Track. In the sixties the magazine brought monthly the latest news about slot racing products, custom tracks and scratch tips. The first issue, which was printed in the winter of 1963, was presented as “The complete book of table top racing”. This highly interesting publication gives a superb overview of the slot racing scene at the beginning of the sixties.
The magazine started as a bimonthly and shifted in 1964 to a monthly publication. Only forty-six issues are printed of Model Car & Track.

The editors of Model Car & Track and Model Car Science have published the “Model Car Racing Handbook” of 1966 and 1967. Both magazines merged in 1968 at downfall of the hype of model car racing.

Robert Schleicher, the current publisher of Model Car Racing has been one of the contributing editors. Currently Schleicher reprints some articles of MC&T in MCR. Especially layouts from the past, often of circuits that are closed now, become recycled.

Nowadays many vintage slot car enthusiasts collect the magazine through Ebay. The price of Model Car & Track was 50 cents in 1964. These days a bid range of 10 to 20 US-dollar is common, of course depending on the quality of particular issue.

Model Cars
Model Cars was one of the best magazines about model cars in Britain. The magazine offered articles about slot car racing and information about die-cast models. The monthly magazine was available in Great Britain, the United States and Canada. Model and Allied Publications
Ltd. (MAP) was the publisher of Model Maker, a magazine about model plains, boats and cars. An early version of Model Cars (first issue was printed 1946 by the Drydale Press from Stanbridge, England) was incorporated with Model Maker in 1950. In 1964 MAP decided to create again a magazine that focused the attention on model cars. Since October 1968 the magazine Miniature Auto was incorporated in Model Cars. The last issue of Model Cars was published in 1972.

The editorial director of the magazine was D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson, “Dickie” for friends. Mr. Laidlaw-Dickson was a well-known author in the slot car scene. He wrote many books about model cars, boats and plains and a few books about model car racing.
Model and Allied Publications published more books about model car racing. Simple Electric Car Racing of Vic Smeed is the most popular book of MAP.

The Collectors Corner, Pit Chatter, Trend Of The Trade and ECRA Newspage were the regular columns in the magazine. Other articles were technical drawing about racing cars, new models, discussions about rules and many more.

MAP was proud to present “the finest range of model technical books in the world”. An example is the loose supplements that were offered about motor tuning. Dan Glime wrote the complete story of motor tuning. A gold lettered binder was offered to save the three booklets.

Model Cars was the official magazine of the Electric Car Racing Association (ECRA). ECRA organised races at commercial clubs around the United Kingdom. Model Cars offered the rulebook of the ECRA as a loose supplement.

Model Cars
Model Cars is a Japanese monthly magazine about static models and slot cars. The magazine is written in Japanese and goes with English titles.

Model Cars & Model Racing News
The first issue of Model Cars & Racing News, the official club publication of Ecurie Auto World and Auto World Kustoms, was printed in the United States in November of the year 1966. Members of the mentioned clubs got the monthly bulletin for free. A single membership did cost one dollar per year. The magazine was published by Auto World in Scranton.
Oscar Kovaleski, the famous driver and founder of Auto World, wrote the editorial. Product news and “Swap ‘n Sale” were the regular items in the publication.

Model Cars Illustrated
Model Cars Illustrated was an American magazine, published by SMP Publishing New York. Donald G. Typond and Bill Byshyn edited Model Cars Illustrated. The magazine intended to be a general model car magazine but printed some interesting articles about slot car racing. The first issue was printed in 1963. Only 11 issues are produced because the publisher ran out of money.

Modellauto was the German magazine about slotracing in the sixties. ALF Teloeken Verlag from Düsseldorf (Germany) published the magazine from 1966 until 1969. The magazine started as a quaterly and changed to 6 printed issues per year.

Modellbaurevue was another German magazine. The periodical about modelling was printed in Stuttgart. Modellbaurevue published some interesting articles about slot car racing at the end of the sixties

Model Maker
Model Maker, “the monthly magazine for all model makers”, is created by the merge of the early version of Models Cars and the magazine The Model Mechanic in 1950. Model Aeronautical Press Ltd published the magazine. The editorial director was D.J. Laidlaw-Dickson and the editor was Vic Smeed. Both authors started to work for the new Model Cars in the beginning of the sixties. The first article about rail racing was written in the May issue of Model Maker in 1954. Some interesting home and club slottracks, which were sent in by the readers, were shown in the regular article “Talking Track”. The magazine was printed until 1964.

Model Racing International
The first issue of Model Racing International was printed in the summer of 1989. MRI was the official magazine of the International Micro Car Association (IMCA). MRI followed Euroslot magazine. The magazine published beside the official rulebook of the IMCA some articles about model car techniques. Publication (in Michigan) was limited to thousand copies. The editor was Andrew Smith.
Only four issues were published due to the very small market in the eighties for this kind of publication.

Model Racing Journal
Model Racing Journal was a newspaper-style publication in the sixties and seventies about club racing and scratchbuilt cars.

Model Road Racing
Model Road Racing was a slot racing magazine in the United States.

Model Roads and Racing
Peco Publications and Publicity in the United Kingdom published Model Roads and Racing. The magazine was printed fifteen times in between 1963 and 1964 and evolved into Miniature Auto.

Model Roads and Raceways
Model Roads and Raceways was published in the sixties in the United Kingdom. One of the authors was Louis H. Hertz, the author of the book Model raceways and roadways.

Model Slot Car
Model Slot Car is printed every two months in the United Kingdom since September 2001. The publisher describes Model Slot Car as a magazine written by slot car enthusiasts for slot car enthusiasts. The magazine publishes articles about 1/24 and 1/32-scale models, from standard Scalextric to a full-blown dragster. The quality of printing of the first issues was not very good, but the quality improved.

Models and Modelers World
The 60s quarterly Models and Modelers World covered static models and slot car racing. Printed in the U.S. and published by Josep J. Hardie of Rajo publications.

NSCC Journal
The NSCC Journal is the magazine of the club for those interested in Scalextric type cars. NSCC Journal covers every month interesting information on 1/32-scale slot cars and accessories. The National Scalextric Collectors Club of England was founded in 1981. The club counts more than thousand members. Limited edition slot cars are available for members from time to time.

Popular Mechanics magazine
Popular Mechanics magazine was a monthly magazine about a variety of subjects. The magazine published regularly articles about slot car relating subjects. H.H. Windsor founded the Popular Mechanics company, which was based in Chicago.

Popular Science
Popular Science was the most popular magazine about science in America. The magazine published regularly articles (and special issues) about slot car racing.

Racer is the official magazine of Scalextric Enthusiast Club in England. The magazine is published every two months. The new models of Scalextric are reviewed and some personal stories of readers complete each issue. The magazine is not enjoyable for serious model car racers, but the special Racer Scalextric model is attractive for collectors. The yearly special model is included to the subscription.

Raceway Owners Monthly
Raceway Owners Monthly was published in the sixties for the owners of public raceways.

Race Action World
Race Action World is the official club Magazine of the German brand Racy. Racy is the German brandname of Artin. The magazine report about new products and results of races.

Revista Scalextric
The Spanish Scalextric club publishes quarterly a magazine for members only. Club Scalextric was founded in 1997.

Rod & Custom models
Rod and Custom models covered mainly static models. The American magazine published some articles about slot racing in the sixties. The magazine was printed (only eight issues) from June 1964 until January 1965.
Bill Neumann was the editor and the some contributing writers were Don Emmons, Bob Braverman and Budd Anderson. Bill Neumann and Bob Braverman wrote the book “Slot Car Racing” in 1966 (reprinted in 1969).

Scale Auto Racing News
Scale Auto Racing News is printed since 1979. The magazine is published monthly in the United States by Ford Publishing in Texas. Ford Publishing is a Company that offers some interesting booklets and videotapes about slot car racing (maily 1/24-scale racing). The magazine covers 1/24, 1/32 and HO-scale model car racing. Also interesting for those who like vintage slot cars.

Scale Auto HO Quarterly
The first issue of Scale Auto HO Quarterly was published in June 1992. Eagle Press from Redmond, Washington published the magazine. Dave Ferguson was the managing editor of the publication. SAHOQ was written for the benefit and entertainment of Scale Auto Mail Order customers.The magazine organised severel HO slot car races.

Scale Modeler
The British magazine Scale Modeler was published in 1973.

Scalextric Coches Miticos
Scalextric Coches Miticos is a Spanish magazine about Scalextric models of Spain. The booklets are published by Altaya and are available in Argentina, Chili, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. The magazine comes with a part of a vintage Scalextric model. Each series of magazines came with parts of the models, in total twelve cars per series.

Scalextric Slot Car Racing
The publishing company De Agostini from London in the United Kingdom published in 2003 a series of fact-packed magazines. The magazine came with parts of a Scalextric slot car set. The publisher started as a weekly, but stopped unfortunately after just four issues. Issue 1: track curve and Subaru Impreza body. Issue 2: hand throttle. Issue 3: track curve and border. Issue 4: interior Subaru Impreza.

Science and Mechanics
Science and Mechanics was a monthly magazine for craftsmen in the sixties. The magazine published regularly article about slotracing.

Slot Car and Model Racer
Slot Car and Model Racer was an Australian publication. The first issue was published in the mid-60s. The number one issue was not dated, but probably printed in 1966. Bill Tuckey was the editor-in-chief and Rob luck was the editor. The publisher was Periodical Publications in Sydney.

Slot Car Bulletin
Slot Car Bulletin is published monthly by Slotcar Productions in the United States since 1993. The editor of the magazine is Paul Meiers. The heavily sponsored magazine reports mainly about US raceway style racing. Most of the articles cover race events of the USRA and other American slot race clubs.

Slot Car Digest
Publisher John Ford reprinted articles from sold out issues of Scale Auto Racing News in the Slot Car Digest. The magazine was described as the “how-to magazine for slot car enthusiasts”. The first magazine was printed in September 1992. The last issue, number eight, is undated, but is probably published in 1994 or 1995.

Slot Car Enthusiast
Teresa S. Anderson was the editor of Slot Car Enthuiast. The magazine about HO, 1/32 and 1/24-scale for home and club racers was published (in the eighties) in Helotes (TA, US). The magazine published also a directory of US slot tracks.

Slot Car Monthly
Slot Car Monthly is a Brittish publication.

Slot Car Racing News
Slot Car Racing News was printed four times a year in England. The magazine is the official newsletter of the British Slot Car Racing Association (formerly known as ECRA). The first issue was printed in the early seventies. The newsletter covers all racing news of the BSCRA.

Slot Car Trader
Art Zabrecky from Elyria, Ohio, edited Slot Car Trader. The quarterly bulletin featured HO slot cars. The publication ceased in January 1998.

Slot Online
Slot Online was a Spanish magazine that can be downloaded for free from the Internet. The first issue was published in 2003. The magazine covered product news, in-depth model tests and more. Only four issues have been created by a small group of enthusiasts.

Slot Racing 1980
Editor and Publisher of Slot Racing 1980 was Ray Hoy, also the publisher of Minature Auto Racing and former editor of Model Car Science, with Jim Greenmeyer, Brick Price and John Skeels as associate editors. This “glossy” magazine of Misty Mountain Productions showed excellent black and white pictures. Many how-to articles about 1/24 and 1/32-scale slot racing. It is unknown if more issues are published.

The first issue of the German magazine Speedracer was printed in December 2001. The full-colour quarterly magazine published articles about 1/24 and 1/32-scale model car news. The articles were focused on clubracers, homeracers and collectors. Speedracer evolved into Auto-Modell und Technik in April 2004. AMT claims to be the leading magazine in Germany about RC-racing.

Strombecker Table Top Topics
Table Top Topics was the first publication of the Company Strombecker to inform customers about their products. Strombecker Table Top Topics, published from 1962 to 1964, was followed by Inside Track in 1965. Members of the Strombecker Model Road Racing Club got Table Top Topic for free.

Vintage Slotcar Trader
The publisher of the Vintage Slotcar Trader was Bill Wessels. In order to reduce the cost the American bulletin for slot car trading changed frequency from twice a month to monthly at the end of 1996. Subscribers could advertise “Buy, Sell & Trade” for free.

Vintage Slot Racing Newsletter was a wonderful newsletter about vintage slot racing. The editor of the magazine was Greg Holland. The first issue was published in September 1987. The last newsletter (number 100) was printed in November 1996. VSRN covered beside adds of slot enthusiasts many interesting articles about historic slot car models and manufacturers. The magazine was and still is the perfect source for lovers of vintage racers. The magazine is available on the Internet nowadays. Greg Holland publishes vintage articles on the Web whenever he likes (and lately not so much…).